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synthèse rapide du RDS

This new FM Power amplifier is equiped with the Mosfet transistor: the RD06HVF1.

Combined with the BFG35 driver, only 1mW from the input is needed to obtain the 5W power output.
All the impedance networks (Input & Output) have been determined by using the softwares: Mimp.EXE & Genesys.

The output power is adjustable from 0 to 5W through the Vgs command.
A PA OFF function is available by acting on the biais current of the BFG35.

The FM amplifier is protected from the ROS by switching off the driver stage.



Power Supply



> 50%

Frequency Range

87.5 MHz to 108 MHz

Input power (Typ.)

0 dBm or 1mW

Output power (Typ.)

37 dBm or 5W

Gain (Min)

37 dB

Ripple Power

37.5dBm +/-0.5dB

Harmonic filtering

<-50dB (from 87.5 to 93 MHz)
<-60dB (from 94 to 108 MHz)

Power adjustment

Through the Vgs control Pin

RF Power OFF

Typ=-46 dB or -8 dBm Max

Input SWR


Forward SWR detector

Through calibrated striplines

Reverse SWR detector

Through calibrated striplines

Board Dimensions



This FM amplifier has a 38 dB gain (with driver stage) and provides 5W.
(No tune is needed to cover all the FM Band).

Présentation détaillée RDS

S11 and S21 Curves (PDF File)


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